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Tips You Must Know about A New Home Build Purchase

Tips You Must Know about A New Home Build Purchase
March 3, 2016 Hadley Ott

With limited inventory in the Denver Metro Real Estate Market and demand through the roof, a lot of buyers are looking towards new home builders for the next purchase. In this video, I’ll outline some important tips to know ahead of time so you aren’t hit with too many surprises as you walk through the doors to the model homes.

Start becoming familiar with their pricing strategy (don’t be fooled by the base price!) but factor in things like lot premiums, upgrades, and so much more. While you are browsing around online, you’ll notice a lot of upgrades or changes to customize your new build. Unfortunately, most of the time, you won’t be able to see those prices though. Additionally, keep in mind the list of “whats included” with that particular builder and what kinds of options you will have for upgrading finishes or picking your own design choices.

Finally, think about things like taxes, HOA dues, contracting fees, and build time during your home search. (And, I didn’t mention it in the video – but keep in mind that construction will likely still be taking place in the area as the community continues to grow and expand.)


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