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Tech Savvy Millennials | Home Buying for the Millennial Generation

Tech Savvy Millennials | Home Buying for the Millennial Generation
June 15, 2015 Hadley Ott

Millennials are the youngest generation currently in the workplace. With 46 million currently in the workforce and 34 million coming in soon, we have are working with very tech savvy professionals and future leaders. These hard working, educated and technology focused people are making home buying purchase decisions based primarily on “location, location, location” and are keen on financial considerations too. Things like walkability, convenience and close proximity to work are of utmost importance, along with a price that is within the comfort level for their current situation.

Knowing what we know about Millennials, we have structured our business to fit the tech savvy, socially demanding needs of our clients in this generation. We know what you Millennials are looking for and we know how to cater to your home buying wants and needs more than other real estate professionals. Reach out to us anytime for more information.


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