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Is Denver Headed Toward Another Housing Bubble?

Is Denver Headed Toward Another Housing Bubble?
June 29, 2015 Hadley Ott

2008 wasn’t too long ago and we know home values really suffered during the last recession. People can’t help but wonder now if Denver is headed toward another housing bubble that will pop and drop values again! In this weeks video, I’ll outline contributing factors to the downfall in 2008, where the current market is at, and if we are indeed heading towards another bubble situation.

Ultimately, the Denver market couldn’t be more different now than it was prior to 2008. Demand was low and inventory was high. Loans were easier to get and programs seemed beneficial. Migration to Denver was lower and housing pricing were dropping quickly. Instead, we now have high demand, low inventory, tougher loan programs and rising sales prices. Watch this clip for more information.


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