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Client Testimonials | Erin and Mike W. | Golden, CO

Client Testimonials | Erin and Mike W. | Golden, CO
June 25, 2015 Hadley Ott

Erin and Mike came to us as an online Zillow lead a few years ago for a fixer upper we were selling in Park Hill. They were on the hunt for a charming home that needed a lot of love. So that particular home was already under contract, Erin and I worked closely together too narrow in on some properties that might be a good fit for them. Over the course of months, we communicated via email, met up to see some homes, but really we weren’t exactly finding what they needed. By chance, we happened to see that Erin and Mike has listed their home for sale with another realtor. It has since been taken off of the market and hadn’t sold. Due to the relationship we already had with these two, we sent an email about a property that we found for them and mention that if they were considering re-listing their home we love the opportunity to meet with them. They had been inundated with Realtors reaching out from their withdrawn listing but kindly agreed to meet with only us. We had an absolutely great listing appointment and we really focused on a specific strategy to sell their home. Their home was located in the Sixth Avenue West Community in Golden which is a highly sought-after, very desirable area. Their home had a lot of really great features and had been tastefully remodeled, but they had faced some challenges with the original listing and were discouraged with how to move forward. It was a team effort for sure, but we were able to get their home re-listed and it sold for over list price in the first weekend on the market. It was our sincere pleasure to work with them as we sold this home that they took such great care of and loved so dearly. Now that we have successfully sold their home, we are on the hunt for their replacement property again! These two have become some of our most loyal, dearest clients because they have shown that they fully trust our real estate knowledge in this market and we know we all work well as a team.


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